Updates from Green Bay Meeting – 11/10/2015

From Don Noskowiak:

Great to see all those who could make, nice turnout for Tim Kneeland from 180 Risk Partners, who presented on his company and focus. They differentiate from traditional insurance advisors by assessing and emphasizing coverage gaps and costs based on a data base of actual coverage and costs. They provide a scorecard to help the client visualize their gaps and discuss what can be done to fill the void.

Tim’s message started with “Why” they are in business…”We share what we have and know to help and educate others”…I have experienced Tim’s “why” first hand by reaching out to him for assistance with prospects and clients…while Tim readily admitted that he was not the best insurance advisor for my client ( a tribute to his focus), he was helpful in providing me with appropriate alternatives. Thanks Tim for a nice presentation!

Several of you stepped up to present at future meetings as follows:
December – Norb West, Paul Hoffman & Co
January – Matt Bookter, First Merit Bank
February – Cindy Esterling, Great Lakes Asset Corp
March –  Daniel Koster, MD, presenting a new approach to health care
April – Your name and Company!

Lastly, just a heads up that we will be changing our meeting location starting in January, 2016. December’s meeting will still be a Johnson Bank. Starting in January, 2016, Cindy Esterling, Great Lakes Asset Corp., has agreed to host at her office at 200 So Washington, just 1 block to the north of our current Johnson Bank site. More on this at December’s meeting.

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