Updates from Green Bay Meeting – 12/8/2015

Update from Don Noskowiak

“Great to see all those who could make it, a little smaller turnout than usual but with the holiday’s fast approaching, I’m sure a busy time for all.

Norb West from Paul Hoffman & Company presented the personalized approach he takes with each of his clients. They work independently with each client and use a “team” approach, providing an array of services including retirement and tax planning, investment management, education planning and insurance planning. If you have heard Norb speak, he is extremely passionate about helping his clients achieve their goals and uses a unique customized approach for each situation…as Norb says, “the future of finance is personal.” Thanks Norb for a nice presentation!

Looking ahead to the new year, we discussed some ideas around other panel discussions…one thought was to address the topic of millennials in the workforce…this group is fast becoming our future and today’s workforce make up presents some interesting benefits and challenges. Please give some thought to other topics of interest…bring your thoughts to future meetings and let’s discuss how we can keep things vibrant while improving our knowledge base.

Presenters at future meetings are as follows:
January – Matt Bookter, First Merit Bank
February – Cindy Esterling, Great Lakes Asset Corp
March –  Daniel Koster, MD, presenting a new approach to health care
April – Don Herrmann, Herrmann Advantage Consulting, LLC

Lastly, please remember that we will be changing our meeting location starting in January, 2016. Starting in January, 2016, Cindy Esterling, Great Lakes Asset Corp., has agreed to host at her office at 200 So Washington, just 1 block to the north of our current Johnson Bank site. Thanks very much to Gina Evans and Johnson Bank for their gracious hosting the past year!”

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