Update from Milwaukee Meeting – 11/16/2016

We had 12 members including four new members at our latest meeting including:

Jenna Engel, Marketing Specialist with JUL Creative
Luke Bialozynski, Regional Account Manager with The Priton Group
Janine Kolbeck, Business Development Manager with Goodwill TalentBridge
Nick Carnahan, Partner at Galbriath Carnahan Architects

We welcome each of you and thank you to members who extended invitations.

We continued our conversation regarding format and have concluded that we’d like to move forward with adding speakers for a 25 minute presentation/discussion at our monthly meetings beginning in 2017. The format may be in transition over the first few meetings, but the intent is for these to be about sharing information and knowledge with the group. Speakers may be members or outside sources, covering topics of a general interest to a group of business professionals. Think more TED Talk for professionals than a commercial for a specific firm.

Please see our preliminary group of topics listed here: milwaukee-discussion-schedule

Jason Scoby reiterated his call for others to help with coordinating these meetings going forward.

Please note: There will be no December meeting of the chapter due to the holidays.

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