Update from Milwaukee Meeting – 1/18/17

We had 11 members attend with no new members for this month. Just a reminder to extend the invitation to other professional service providers you feel may benefit from our group.

Our initial presentation by Jenna Engel of JUL Creative was met with very good reviews as she discussed the importance of considering digital marketing in the overall marketing mix. She detailed the idea of a “prospect profile” as a method to hone a firm’s marketing message and specifically target different segments of prospects. Jenna led the group on a process of moving from prospect profile to major issues to questions they may use for search terms. Using those search terms, and measuring ongoing response, can help build a digital marketing campaign. Anyone seeking more information can research more at: https://www.julcreative.com/

Jenna Engel is also open to the idea of presenting to each of the other chapter meetings if there was an interest.

Future Presentations:

Feb. 15th : Chris Larsen, Cleary Gull Inc., on the Merger and Acquisition Market
March 15th : Marie Venne, Enpoint Solutions, on Politics and Reality on XL Pipeline
April 19th : Open

Other Events:

Tuesday, February 14th: Turnaround Management Association, Milwaukee Breakfast Program from 7:30 to 9 AM at the Hilton Garden Inn. More info: https://turnaround.org/chicagomidwest/events


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