Update from Appleton Meeting – 7/25/17

From Steve Krueger of Chortek, Appleton Chapter Lead

“11 individuals attended today’s meeting. Tyler Hoffman from ZYMO (attends Green Bay meetings) attended the Appleton group today.

Purpose/Mission – Establish connections through networking with a peer group of B2B professionals focused on serving the needs of small to mid market businesses. Ability to set aside a specific time to each month to build and develop relationships that could provide resources for clients…referrals are a bonus.

If you know of others that fit this purpose and mission, please invite them to a future meeting. Our group grows by your referrals.

Future meetings/presenters: (fourth Tuesday of the month 7:30 am to 9:00am at Menn Law)

August 22 – Tony Hoslet – Sandler Training
September 26th – open
October 24th – open

Please reply to me if you would like to present more about you and your company at a future Appleton PNW meeting.

Events/Networking Opportunities:

September 28, 2017 – Technology Hub Conference…soliciting speakers for the conference. Contact Carrie Drephal, JCD Promotions for more information or visit http://www.techhubwi.com”


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